Thursday, February 4, 2010


The object and the subject
appear and disappear together.
The subject comes
out of the object.

You cannot invent something
unless you've seen it.

To dream the American Dream
you have to be asleep.

There is no such thing
as programmed Reality.
Reality shatters programs.

I have no problem
with programmed consciousness.
De-programmed consciousness
is known as Awareness.

A deluded mind
is as bad as
putting a
thick, black blanket
over a light bulb.

There is no such thing as darkness.
There is only the absence of light.

Your asking
tells me,
You're ready
to listen.

I have attained much in my stay on this Planet. Ask and I will give it to you. It's no good to me anymore. If you don't ask, that will be a shame. Shame on you for missing a mercurial opportunity.

What I have done
you don't have to do
were you to know how
to enjoy the fruits
of my labor.



Sweetness is in the tongue
not in the sugar.
Those with bitter tongues
wouldn't know that.

The image on the screen
doesn't make anything happen.
It's the power behind the screen
that makes it happen.
To the blind they know nothing of it.

How large is the mind
that it contains
this world and the planets
and everything else in it?

If you are going to give
your time to something
make sure it's
something you like.