Saturday, February 20, 2010


The times can't be
any different
than the way things are.

Philosophy is the language
one creates in an attempt
to describe the indescribable.

Each experience gives information.
Information leads to knowledge.
Knowledge is structured in consciousness.

Only the changeable can change.
I AM the unchangeable.
It is the unchangeable
that makes the changeable possible.

‘Going to’ never happens.
‘Has’ has happened.

Give up the lesser
to gain the greater.

What use is a kite
if it won’t fly?

One can only be a master of the known.
If you want to be a master of the unknown
you have to become a nothing and a nobody.
In other words, an unknown.

A known quantity is boring.
An unknown quantity is dangerous.

With so much concrete
it’s no wonder
life and times are hard.

Success creates confidence.
Confidence creates success.
Failure creates self-doubt.
Self-doubt creates failure.

There is not enough love
manifested on this planet
therefore it will die
and everything on it
that walks and crawls.

One day
there will be
no tomorrow.

is an
external process.
It tries to get in.
The trick is
to keep the doors shut
and lock it out.

Only a man with no delusions has a future.
There is no future in ignorance and delusions.

What am I not aware of that I need to be aware of to improve the quality of my life now?

Just the asking of the question –
that is enough.

Give up
your biggest concepts
and all the smaller ones
have to go with it.

It is not possible
to love anything or anyone
if you are separate from them.


I took on the greatest challenge,
the Destruction of Ignorance.

Cultural ideas and concepts
keep society glued together.
Challenge that
and you will
come unstuck.

Whatever does not
work for you
is no good to you.

Misplaced belief
is stupidity.

The limited
can never control
the Unlimited.

is the only
way to live;
with awareness.

The mind gives birth. Its children are ideas. In order to keep its children alive it has to focus on them. In the process of doing so it becomes attached which ultimately leads to suffering.

The simple very seldom goes wrong, but if it does, it is very simple to fix. When life becomes so complex that computers are needed to run things, problems become very difficult to fix.

Once one presumes
they can die
they will do
whatever it takes
to survive.

The more one is being themselves
The less talking goes on.
You can’t continue talking
to the self if you
are being yourself.
The only thing
you can legitimately be
is yourself.

If you do not master the dog
the dog will master you.