Sunday, November 20, 2011



When there's one,
there is no language.
When there's two,
there is language.

Every one
hurts & wounds
their own
heart & emotions
by what
they tell

Illusions & fantasies
can case great
pain & suffering,
whereas facts
don't do that.
Facts will never
let you down.

The train goes round and round
thousands of times a day.
If you want to get to heaven,
get off the train.
Every stop is
heaven on my train.
It's not possible
to get off
at the wrong stop.

I'm not racist;
I just don't
like anybody.

It wouldn't
be worth it
if Trust
to attain.

It doesn't take much
to Trust in good times.
Bad times are
a different story.

For me, this is it!
I have no complaints.
For the people,
the movie has to change.

People who don't
feel their
own greatness
have no respect
for themselves.

So far, 100% of Empires
have gone 'down the tube'.
It's a formula for disaster.

If you believe yourself
to be the doer,
then perform all actions
simply for their own sake.
No motive.
I am beyond motives.

It's obvious that man
is on a downward spiral.
What happened?

If it doesn't
produce joy,
then don't do it.

Don't let your mind
separate you
from your feelings.

To get free
from the
clutches of the mind,
one has to
study & investigate it.

is the key
that opens
the prison door
to a world of
true freedom.

You can only be free
according to
your understanding.

When you finish
using your mind,
respect it by
putting it away.

If you really want
to make a difference,
destroy the person
you have been programmed
to believe you are.