Wednesday, November 30, 2011



The only thing
we have to
protect us
~ Love.

From nuclear power
back to
sailing ships.

A man in monetary debt has run out of juice. How many people know who they're in debt to, other than a generic name? No debt, no debtors prison. Massive debt has the power to manifest debtors prisons.

Collective action
creates Societies
conscious level.

Who wants the Truth? Not many it seems,
according to how Societies functioning.

When I was made aware that a handful of people were reading these words,
"Whoa", said I. "Things must be getting pretty bad."

You get the Truth
right up front
with me,
in your face.
I tattooed the Truth
on my forehead
so don't expect
anything less.

I AM Self-Governed.
My consciousness tells me
what I can & cannot do.
In my youth I occasionally
went against it &
ended up the worse for wear.

Morals are there
for the survival
of the human race.
Have a look around;
you tell me the chances.

Always keep a
controlling interest
in your mind
lest you be
subject to a takeover.