Saturday, November 26, 2011



Only a man who is prepared to suffer
& accept some pain in his life
has the power to change things.

The downside of an Empire is the people have too easy a life. This makes people weak & lacking in intelligence. As we all know, all Empires eventually fall. That's when life becomes hard. What can I say?

Where have all
the courageous people gone?

Anyone who is in debt
is castrated, neutered.

There were 3 street-people sitting in squalor. I asked the first man, "How did you end up here?" "Alcohol addiction.", he said. When asked, the second man said, "Heroin addiction." The 3rd man replied, "Debt!"

Only an un-programmed
man has free speech.

Find out what you are prepared to die for
& that will reveal your chance of survival.

How much is your life worth?
Because, that's the amount of coverage
you're going to need for health-care.

There are belief systems
& there are facts.
Facts will not let you down.
Belief systems will.
All else is propaganda.

I found something
to do in life
that I really like

You can shop-till-you-drop,
I'll work till I die.

I once took a poisoness snake to bed with me.
The Power of Love that's within me
stopped the snake from biting me.

My loss
my gain.

Nothing wrong with
repeating the Truth.

Lies have
no effect
on a
truthful man.