Saturday, November 5, 2011


The man who says,
"I am God!" is
just as deluded as
the man who says,
"I am a plumber!"

the Mantra;
to me.

A chain
is only as strong
as its
weakest link.

When the mind accepts it,
it is no longer a problem.

There is
no such thing
as darkness.
There is only
lack of light.

Light appears
to the mind
as darkness.


There is no such thing as others.
They are all reflections of the Self.

How long do you think a man would survive
living in a society that never even
batted an eyelash when one of its' own is killed?

A crisis is something that happens.
You cannot manufacture a crisis.

Survival means nothing
to the indestructible.

A rich man
is not free.
He is a prisoner
of his wealth.

What would create the most fear?
The fear of dying is the fact.
That you were not born, therefore,
you cannot die, and you will not
be the person you believe your self to be.

People will kill for their ideas
that were given to them by their
Society and their Culture.

I will never bring up
the subject of spirituality.
I simply appear in your life.

You can't have
a movie
without characters,
can you?

Pain has always
been in the body.
It's just that ones
tolerance to it goes down.