Monday, April 2, 2012



"How did you get like that?"
"Like what? I'm just the same as you."
"No you're not, you're different."
"No, I'm not, it's you who are not like you."

Looking through
the eyes of ignorance,
all you will see
is differences.

People convince themselves
of all sorts of things that
end up causing problems.

You can't have it both ways.
Ask the people who convinced
themselves that they could.
Ask them how much debt they're in.

People are convinced that they have choices but when they have an accident on the freeway they will say that they had no choice but to hit the other car.

What use are limited choices?
Did you choose to insure your car
or does the law compel you?

If you believe you have choices
then go ahead and choose one.
The one that's left I will take.
I don't have any choices.

What you are
not aware of
is choosing
for you.

To make yourself feel good,
you convince yourself
that you have choices.

you become aware of,
you are a master of.

What you call unconsciousness, I call ignorance. There is no such state as unconscious. Unresponsive, maybe? Better to go with lack of awareness.

Pigeons are in
a better state than people.
They always know where home is.

You are either
for everything
that happens to you
in your life
or you're not.