Thursday, April 5, 2012



The worldly man knows what he wants & gets it.
I don't know what I want, therefore,
there's nothing to get, otherwise,
it would be nagging me to manifest.

All want
derives from
a sense of lack.

Trying to
fill the hole
with an abundance
of desires
is endless.

Any idiot can
live in the world
with desires;
try living
in your world
with no desires.

The desire to live
is the messenger
of death,
Longing to be happy
is the outline
of sorrow.

Next time a desire
starts nagging at you
ask yourself,
"Would I be prepared
to die for it?"

Only the man
with a silent mind
can help.

Would you jump in the water
to save a drowning man
if you could not swim?

I made my best effort
to help people & failed
It was only then
that I received the knowledge;
'Leave them alone &
they will come home'.

If your best effort
isn't good enough,
what then?

Why take the lesser
when the greater is at hand?