Wednesday, April 4, 2012


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There is no fear in me.
How can there be
with a life
like I've led?

It's a good man
who knows when
enough is enough;
& lucky the society
that he lives in.

In order to
pick something up
you have to
put something down.
Put falsehood down
& pick up the Truth.

Only a disciplined man
has freedom.

Whatever any man does
affects the whole planet.

I did my best
to make myself
acceptable to Society,
without selling out.

Every child wants acceptance.
The price was too high for me,
so I gave it to myself.

Every day
is a day of

A good attitude
in life,

Suffering is mental.
Pain is physical.

Clean up your karmic mess,
& go beyond suffering.

There is enough
drama around
without me adding
my '2-penneth'.

What moves you
has to be what
you are thinking about.
Think about the Guru
& he will
move you out
of the world,
into the void.

Move beyond
the fear of death
& you will have
no more problems
with fear.

Aggressive-aggressive people
are hiding fear.
Passive-aggressive people
are hiding anger.

Where there's fear
there's control.

There is no life
without the Guru,

If you are in debt
you have no power.

Truth is plain,
simple & child-like.
A complicated mind
hasn't got a
snow-balls chance in hell
of comprehending it.

People who have done
nothing with their lives
love to talk about themselves.

Whatever you are
not prepared
to die for
you don't deserve.