Thursday, April 19, 2012



The more you forget
the more you get.

The best doer
is the one
who doesn't.

Insatiable -
the greed.


You can't
make money
out of love.

When a society doesn't know
when enough is enough,
then when is enough?

Wanting to know
stops things

The energy
you have left
to live on
is in
direct proportion
to the
you wasted.

Undisciplined people
are not happy people.
Only the disciplined man
can know that joy.

Discipline your mind now.
Your survival depends on it.
Start in small increments.
Do it willingly or
leave kicking & screaming.

One man can
change everything,
but first
you have to change
your own world &
that will affect

There is no place
I would rather be
than here & now.

You can't revolt
if you are starving!

If you live your life not wanting to know then you don't need to know anything about death. On the other hand, if you live your life wanting to know then you better find out all you can about death.

You can't
go to heaven
without dying.

There is only conflict
on the surface of life.
In my world there are
no conflicts.

It is a set of qualities that makes one human. If they are not there then you are not human. You may be another species which is fine with me. I will not encourage you to act in ways that are beyond your comprehension.

True & genuine righteous people
do not go to churches.
They live their lives religiously,
devoted to their duties.

You can only draw
what you have seen.