Sunday, April 1, 2012



Focusing on the known
will give you knowledge.
Focusing on the unknown
will take you beyond knowledge.

The impetus to go
beyond suffering
doesn't come from
an easy life.

Were people
to share,
the Planet
would support
12 billion.
As it is,
the Planet
will never
be big enough.

Peoples' minds are
addicted to drama.
Give it the Mantra &
it will become
addicted to that.

The Empowered Pure Self is
non-different than God.

You support the politician with your vote which is very powerful. Without your vote the politician has no power. The ones pulling the strings of the politician will not like that, as they are pulling the strings of a powerless puppet. That process exposes the string-puller.

If you don't know
how to be
of each other
you will
not survive.

Focusing on
what you do have
stops you
worrying about
what you don't have.

The more one understands
how alone they really are,
the greater the love.