Saturday, March 15, 2014



I have it. Can you take it?
Can you give it to yourself?
If you can't you won't validate me.

Shields of ignorance
are not very protective
on the battlefield of life.

Religion may be
your worst nightmare.

Nobody can change Truth & Fact.
You can only distort them.
Truth is the destroyer of ignorance.

Ask yourself, do you want to die?
That way you will know why
ignorance doesn't want to die.

Love is greater
than violence.
You could have
an equal amount
of love & violence,
by its very nature
love is greater.

The world is
as you see it.

Let me remind you, whilever people
are talking about it nothing
will be done about it.

My loss
is my

It took me 20 years to deal with the fallout from tattooing the mantras on my forehead. I did not know if I would live through it. Now I can't live without it.

Manifest your
full potential.

The Truth
lies in everything
to an interested man.

What did you know yourself as,
before the body appeared?

Every situation is unique.
See yourself as unique &
respond appropriately.

There's nowhere
you can go
without me.
You've got me

If you are not the doer,
you don't have to
suffer the consequences.
Only the 'doers' suffer.

Whatever appears in the mirror
is a reflection of yourself.
You can't pick & choose.

At one time the homeless were the minority.
Guess what? Soon they will be the majority.

A disciplined man living in an undisciplined society
will not have a problem when discipline is enforced.

As a child, I grew up on a farm. One day, my father said to my mother, "Have you seen that village idiot of a son of yours? He's out there talking to plants!"