Wednesday, March 12, 2014


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How can you

Timeless Beings
are never late.

It is difficult to imagine
an enlightened society from
the standpoint of ignorance.

There can't be
too much wrong
with the world.
No one's asked me
to help yet.
So I take it
that it must
be a wonderful world.


Living withing ones means,
means you will always be looked after.
You do that & I will always look after you.

'What do I want out of this relationship'
is a formula for disaster.
'What can I contribute to this relationship'
is a formula for success.

What did you come
to this Planet for,
to get or to give?

If you haven't seen it
you can't imagine it.

You can only imagine the known.
The unknown shatters imagination.

Desires fulfilled
breed more desires.

Manifest the biggest desire you can & all the small ones will come with it. The biggest desire is to live ~ really live.

People like to go to horror movies. When the electricity goes out and doesn't come back on again, they will be starring in one.

What use is love
without lovers?

Shower me with love &
you'll get everything.
Inflict violence on me &
you will get nothing.

Once you know
you are not
the performer
of actions,
you are blame-free.

Greed has killed
the goose that
laid the golden eggs.

my own Guru.
I've been
married to it
my whole life.

Where does the
light come from?
It's science.

At the end of the day
all I have is myself.

Too much negativity
creates body sickness.
Too much positivity
creates mind sickness.

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