Monday, March 24, 2014



The more familiar & comfortable
you become with the unknown
the less fear you will experience.

Whatever you believe in
you have to act accordingly.

It's only acting &
you are not doing it.
That's the beauty of it.

Any fool can
talk about it
but living it...

Words mean nothing
it's action that counts.

Once you know where your pain tolerances are
it will stop you creating painful situations.

Once you
run out
of power
you turn
to hope.

Hope is a dead word.
Nice is another one.
Try Trust.

Weakness relies on hope.
Strength relies on trust.
Which starts with yourself.

Are you interested
in going beyond hope?

People who
rely on hope
have no power.

Those who live
in hope
will die
in hope.

Why would a man need hope
when he has the power
to change the situation?
All he has to do is act
on his power.

Once you run
out of power
what do you
do next?
Rely on hope?

who hope
are not
in change.

First of all, propaganda convinces you
that you have power & control in your life,
then laws are enacted to stop you using it.

At the end of the day, what do I really know ~nothing, which is still not quite correct. Nothing implies that there was something there when in fact there never was anything there.

It's all
in the mind,

The benefits
of a simple life.

There's no better or worse
in the here & now.
It's all you've got.
You'd better take care of it.