Wednesday, March 19, 2014



How can there be happiness
when there is no justice?

A man claims he's talking.
Take food away from him
for 6 weeks & see how
much he talks.
Food talks.

The American dream was
funded by the American dollar.
When the dream is over
you wake up & the content
of the dream becomes
a vague memory.

As far as doing goes,
you are powerless.
As far as witness goes,
you're potent.

Are you willing to do
whatever it takes
to find out
it's not worth it?

Were people to learn
from each others mistakes,
the suffering level
would drop tremendously.

My world is a world of silence.
It's open and available to everyone.
All you have to do is stop talking.

To bring out
the best in you,
the worst has to go.

You don't have to do it,
you need to do it.
When there's
no more need,
you'll stop doing.

On the back of
my hands it says
I put it there
to remind me that
these are Gods hands.

on this Planet
belongs to you.
It's on loan.

The Earth is yours,
what grows on it
belongs to God.

Once enough people know
that God exists in feeling,
all wars will cease.