Thursday, August 7, 2008


Incorrect actions
do not bear fruit.

Once I see the correct action,
I live my life by it.

Whatever I need in life now, comes to me unasked for and quite spontaneously. It would happen for you too were you not to ask for things that you do not need.

You can only recognize
what you've already seen.

I once imagined I had
a genuine need for peoples
attention. I did not get it,
so I gave it to myself.

It is your fear that makes you weaker than I. A small amount of courage and you would be as powerful as I am. A little more and you could do more than even I have done.

As a child, I was aware of peoples fear when they came in contact with me. Out of compassion, I used to squash myself, so that they would be more comfortable with themselves. I made myself less than others. Their comfort, my discomfort. I matured and stopped doing that. Simply put, I dealt with societies fear. since I stopped doing that I have more room, space & time to focus on a good question; who is going to do it for you now?

The fact that you are alive
guarantees you a certain
amount of love.

Nothing can live
without love.

There is no such thing
as enlightenment without
They are one and the same -

Cut the wire on an integrated circuit
and tell me what happens.

There is a fine line between an idiot and a genius. Walking that fine line is integrity. What does it matter which side you fall off on?


The weak-minded are dead already.
(It's only a matter of time
before the body runs out of steam,)

You can have anything
you want in life,
provided you don't
go into debt.
Debt robs you of your power.

What has destroyed America
is lack of self-discipline.

In India, I am known as Sani Maharaj. Whoever sees me 'pranams' and goes about his business. Only the ones who don't see me stop and want to talk.

I wield the stick of discipline. I am like a car body repairman. I beat people into shape.

Not manifesting your full potential
is a crime against humanity.

Everyone living has a duty.
Fail at your duty and we all fail.
Yes, I'm speaking to you;
you, the one reading these words.

These words do not come through
the vehicle of books.
These words manifest spontaneously.

The knowledge can only manifest
according to how my life has been.