Friday, August 29, 2008


The work

What is the condition
of your relationship
with the Earth.
How much time do you
spend, out of your life,
resonating with it?

Chanting & singing
is better than
killing or crying.
The Earth likes it better.

To have an experience of it
you have to experiment with it,
and if they won't let you near it
then we are not speaking the same language.

The only difference between the
human and the animal - an animal
can't read. I once had a parrot.
He couldn't read but he could
curse and swear with the best of shearers.

"My cat talks to me all the time."
"Yes, but can it read?"

Uneducated people -
easily controlled.

Sugar creates chaos.
The question is,
who wants to create chaos?

If sugar was discovered today,
it would be classified as a
controlled substance.

Have a really good look,
there is no such thing
as differences. All I
ever found was sameness.

Why would you imagine that God is any different than you are? Why would you imagine that you are any different than He is? If you don't imagine that God is any different than you are - then you wouldn't need Him as an 'order supplier'.

If you're the last person
on the Planet, you won't
have anyone to email.

You cannot
pure love.

Killing is a weakness.

Without duty,
you cannot

Have you ever
had your
'fancy' tickled?

When the Guru gives you a squeeze,
you know you've been squeezed.

When the fruit is ripe
it falls from the tree.