Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Never have I relied
on any Government
to take care of me.
No one can take
better care of
me than I.

If you don't have the discipline to take care of your financial affairs - then give it to the bank, but don't complain when they don't take care of it and one day you go to get it out and it's not there...don't complain.

A Step-mother will never
be able to love the child
better than the biological mother.

Tell me, how many people who adopt,
go to the Agency and demand or request
to adopt a crack baby.

I shore sheep in New Zealand for many years. A Maori shearer once offered to give me a thousand dollars if I could find a Maori child in an orphanage.

I have a sick sense of humor.
After what I've been through
in life, I'm surprised
it isn't sicker.

I love Humanity so much, up till 20 years ago, I was tortured.
I couldn't come up with a way to help Mankind.
One day, I had a 'brain-wave.' If I shave all the hair on my head
and tattoo a foolproof way to help, that will end my torture.
If you're not happy how can I be happy.
I tattooed a peace formula on my forehead and head and for the past 20 years
I have shaved my head and walked on the streets.
Not once has anyone stopped me and asked me what the formula stands for.

Don't imagine that I
don't know how you feel.

When God is happy,
man is happy.
(If you want to know how God feels,
open your eyes and have a look around)

When death kills life~
life rises again.

Life is the ultimate terrorist,
not death.
Kill it here
and it will manifest
five-fold over there.

Genocide is not about killing people, it's about killing children. The killing of children insures no more breeding stock.

Check the DNA and the engineering of it, then find out who designed it for their food supply. What would a being look like that could reach down and pick you up with one hand and bite your head off and then throw the rest of you on the ground?

Becoming impatient
will do no good at all.

Patience and Time
are inseparable.

Keep the mind still
and time ceases to exist.

The day didn't go fast - it was your mind that was speeding. If you don't discipline it, I will have to start issuing speeding tickets!

If you can't make sense of the world,
it's because you can't make sense of

When your children are lying dead in the streets you will reap the true rewards from the war-economy.

No matter how long it takes,
a societies actions come back
to them.

Society sits at home and watches war movies; wars in other countries.

The first shall be last
and the last shall be first.

The watcher
the watched.

Good & Bad
Right & Wrong,
etc., etc., etc...

Don't claim to be free
if you can't think
on your own behalf!
Don't imagine for one
moment that the politician
is going to do it for you.

If you want to survive
then think for yourself-
stand up for what you
believe in. Act on it.
(At that point you will be free.)

It's the same SHAKTI
in all the vessels.

I live my life with my standard
and my standard is very high.

have a
on me.