Monday, August 4, 2008


Between the tick & the tock
is the timeless.

When nothing appears to be happening,
that's when the most is happening.

Who do you think has the strongest will to survive, you or the Planet? I'm voting for the Planet. In order to survive, the Planet can get rid of you.

Don't imagine by plundering and
poisoning the Planet you will survive.

It's so simple,
it's genius!
A complicated mind
hasn't got a snowballs
chance in hell.

When the air is balanced,
the mind is silent.


Beyond the mind
there is no God
or the man he created
in his own image.

The first shall be last
and the last shall be first
and man will become a food supply.

If you believe
you were born,
you can't plan ahead.

If it's not in your memory bank
it never happened.

Only the ones who are prepared
to give up their life on behalf
of humanity will survive.

Don't expect the bank to give you any money if you don't have any in it.

Dreams are stress relief
and manifesting them is
not a good antidote.