Monday, October 13, 2008


The Laws of Nature
apply to all Societies.
Break them at your own risk.

You can't learn
discipline through
(You learn discipline through love.)

I tattooed the formula for 'Heaven on Earth' to manifest. It never entered my mind to seek reward. Peace is its own reward. The formula is based on 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. It is not 'do unto others as they do unto you.'

To go beyond violence
you have to be sick of it.
(Really sick of it!)

Violence and Peace
are in opposition.

There is no such thing
as a war on terror.
War itself is terror!

The only way to stop terrorism
is to abolish war.

A peaceful mind is Heaven.
An agitated mind is hell.

War & violence
are an addiction.

The original sin is believing you were born.
Address that delusion and you are free.

Any country, or culture, that builds
its' foundation on violence
can only end in violence.

The more records you break
the faster you'll get home.

Once you run out of time
you become Timeless Being,
not the person you
believe yourself to be.

They were not interested
in their own welfare.

There is no such thing
as 'responsible gambling.'
How would you feel
if someone took your money
and gambled it away?

What happens to consumers
when there is nothing
left to consume?

Destroy mans' symbols of power
then you destroy his culture.

If you violate Natural laws,
following man-made laws,
then do not expect
to survive intact.