Monday, October 6, 2008


The profit doesn't
trickle down
but the debt does.
(Am I missing something?)

When there is a problem
and you can't solve it;
you become part of it.

Perfection doesn't include
imperfection to the
eyes of ignorance.

If it doesn't come out of love
how can there be any goodness in it.

Music is an integral
part of the culture.
Sweet music &
sweet people
are inseparable.

There is no difference
between water and God.
You can't live without
either of them.

God is consciousness.
The Sun is proof of that.

Nothing can happen until
the connection is made.

Society is like a car.
It won't go for long
when the timing is out.

You only know you have
an addiction when what
you're addicted to
is taken away.

Free Speech comes
from living a life
of discipline.
(Otherwise it's simply drivel!)

Violate your constitution
and lose your freedom.

Once the constitution is violated,
martial law is the next step.

With martial law
comes military thinking.

Military thinking
is based
on discipline.

It is the responsibility of the people to ensure that the politicians do not become corrupt. If you don't take care of your responsibility, don't expect the Government to perform theirs.

A mans' life exists in one moment,
held together by time and place.

You will not survive with a
'what next'.
Survival depends on
'what now?'
'Now what'?

When one gets' rid of 'next' -
there is no 'next moment'
which means you're living
'in the moment'.

How big a problem does America have with drugs? That will tell you how many armed gangs there are in this Society who have killed and will kill again.