Saturday, October 25, 2008


I worked with sheep my whole life, so I know what I'm talking about. Take one sheep out of the mob and it cannot function. It will even run headlong into a tree or try to run through a barbed-wire fence. Once it locates the mob again, it will run headlong into them and push its' way to the center of the mob. It then feels safe.

Safety is

How can you function
out of the mob?

Whatever you are attached to, in the world, (including your physical body and its' relations) causes great pain and suffering when it's taken away from you.

Your natural state
can never express
itself while you're

Be careful you don't run into a tree.
Look out for the fences too.

I've eaten many things in my time, in order to survive. Rabbits, hares, chickens, pigeons, parrots (large & small), Emus (now that's a tough bird!), kangaroos, snakes, sheep, bullocks and sausage. (I almost forgot pigs.) In the Bush that was my food supply.

"What's for dinner tonight?"
"There it is, hopping across the paddock."
"Go git 'em Yorky!"
He handed me the gun and said,
"If you want to eat, your dinner's
in front of you!"

All food is holy
when you're hungry!

In order to do my work,
I had to remain lean & hungry.

What will it take
to get people
to come together?
A common enemy!

'Live and let live' means
'Do no harm.'

How can a Society
survive without

Work is a vacation to me.
I've been on vacation
my whole life.