Thursday, October 23, 2008


No one can be emotionally positive
when they're up to their eyeballs in debt.

Debt and happiness
are opposing forces.

Once you start kicking and screaming
know that the Power of Transmutation
is working withing you.

is running
the show.

When the electric goes out, everything will stop. That will be the beginning of Armageddon otherwise it's just another war.

No electricity - no nuclear energy - no guided missiles; back to the bow & arrow. Guess who you are going to look to, to survive?

How can I be happy when people are suffering? Easy - I am an incarnation of compassion, which is true, independent happiness.

As a society,
we haven't paid
the electric bill.
This is the final notice!

It is not the object
that you are attracted to.
It is the Power and Intelligence
that manifests it.
The source of which
is within you.

There will come a time when it is necessary to fly. If you're tied down with debt, what will you do?

I am in debt to God -
the price of which
is living.

A country that goes into debt with another country and uses the spoils in the pursuit of wars can not survive without it.

What is 'everything'
to the man who is
used to living so

Shattering the Peace
brings bad luck.

Something has to be free in life
or there is no such thing as freedom!

Content has no bearing
on action & reaction.

To do or say
what you want
is not freedom.

Freedom to do is bondage.
Freedom to act is freedom.

I AM the most dangerous thing
you will ever meet.
I can rob you of your ignorance
I will come
like a thief
in the night.

The Guru is the Universal Captor. You may take your attention off of Him but he will never take his attention off of you. Once He captures your heart, it belongs to Him. He owns it and is entitled to set up residence within.

The part that one acts out is of no consequence.
It is the quality of the acting.

If the part wasn't within you,
how could you act it out?

The part
is a part
of the whole.

Don't become a World Savior
or you will be crucified.
(Not to mention that you will miss Easter.)

When the mind never stops,
then the body becomes
a beast of burden.

Problems are burdens.
(Self-created, I might add!)
If you don't believe me,
ask the creator.

Were you to believe that God created mankind, then would you agree that He had created a big problem for Himself? When the problem becomes big enough, He will have to address it.

Anyway, I suppose it's all for the best
seeing as mum's comin' home.

Whoever told you
that you are
in control?

Insanity comes about
from imagining
that you are in control.

Put a burden down
and you will feel relief.
(You'll probably become light-headed.)

Thoughts are burdens.
Carrying them around
day and night will
tire you out,
(which means you'll have insomnia.)

Neglected problems
create tragedies.

The society that I live in
is the most violent society
I have ever lived in!
The God of the Underworld
will push that violence
up to the surface.