Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I didn't set the rules;
that's just how it is.

Everything is both
true & false
at the same time.
False when you talk about it;
true when you don't.

Anything that's happened before
is part & parcel of the game.
Once it's over, the next part
of the game is 'back to business
as usual'.

'Thou shalt not steal'
stops you sabotaging
yourself and your society,
which are one and the same.

You pay

To live in Time
one has to live
according to the
laws of Time.

Whatever is born
will die.

Once one challenges the fear of death, they don't live in Time anymore. If you don't live in Time - you are dead, (take it from a deadman). Time is only one step in front of death. That's what death is. Rather than postpone the inevitable, why not make friends with it now? You may take a 'wonder drug' that will keep you alive for 250 years. At that point, you will be faced with death.

People who control
their own mind
know what
propaganda is.
A disciplined mind
recognizes it.

One can't have
a fully functioning society
without the Planets.