Friday, April 23, 2010


Where did you get the idea from
that I am spiritual?
Never did I claim to be spiritual.
So where did you get your information?
I simply said, "I AM THE GURU!"

Someone once asked me who I am. I told them, "I am the Guru."
They asked me, "What does that mean?"
I replied, "It means I'm a nothing and a nobody, just like you."

Do you think I am going to let you into my home and have you tell me how it is? I make the rules here and if you don't like it, then all I can say is, "Go back to the Earth where you came from."

You send a boy to war
and a broken man comes back
(if you're lucky).

Putting weak people
in power positions
is a formula for disaster!
All it can lead to
is double standards.

Life is one big experiment;
so everything is worth a try once.