Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Only ignorance reincarnates.
Enlightenment cannot reincarnate.
It incarnates out of compassion.

If I can do it
I can do it.
If I can't
I can't.

My heart;
It's nature
is to help

In most cases, the hearts helping & the minds wishing for the mans positive betterment. Therefore, being as it is the hearts nature to help, the mind does not operate under the same law. Therefore, it wishes bad on the man. Bad to the man means losing everything which gives joy to the heart. I heartily agree to that. Offer a man everything & he refuses. Take it all away & make him happy. Loss & suffering makes a man happy. How do you think he will feel when he hears about your loss & suffering?

If you're looking for the Truth then open the door of brutal honesty. It's in there. So is happiness.

If you want to know
which way the
wind is blowing,
look at the grass.