Monday, November 1, 2010



Years ago, I thought I was.
Now, I know I AM.

Problems are self-created.
If you don't want any,
then don't create them;
especially if you don't
have the power
to destroy them.

If you don't want
to go through, in life,
what I went through...
read my forehead!

If you come out of
a life of poverty
then one has to
balance it out
with positivity.

Desiring Enlightenment
was presuming
I was
I had to
do the work
& thankfully,
I proved
myself wrong.

The Big Blank
is my
hearts' desire.

Without discernment,
you may think
I don't love you.

You can
only fix
the fixable.

Societies become
unfixed & it's
not fixable.

If the dollar loses any more value
we'll be able to make money
on its numismatic value.