Monday, November 29, 2010


opens the door
to living in
the world of all possibilities.

Nothing will change
while the
system of Government
stays the same.
The only ones who
can change the
system of Government
are the people.

People who have done
a lot of hard work
have strong character.

I relieve peoples' suffering
by not adding to it.


You can only remember
the past NOW.
You can only imagine
the future NOW.

Trust no future
however sweet.


When you reach a stage
where there's nowhere to go,
you'll find out there's nowhere
to come back to.
In order to come back
you have to go.

People are not interested
in the unknown because
they have never experienced it,
therefore, they don't trust it.

Do understand;
there can be no chicken
without an egg.
There can be no egg without a chicken.
Only a fool would ask,
"What came first the chicken or the egg?"
They appear and disappear together as one.

If there wasn't such a thing as 'God', Then why do we have a word 'God'? Years ago there was no such thing as space travel. We made a 'rocket' and the word 'rocket' became part of our vocabulary. When we didn't have the word 'car' in our language, there was no such thing as 'cars'.

and the word

Chasing happiness
is a fools game.
Keep still
and it will manifest
of its own accord.

I would like
everyone to be happy.

When one is doing
what they truly love
there is no such thing as time.

Love is not timebound.
It is a timeless state.

has experienced
love in their life.

Love & God
are inseparable.

Whatever you need in life,
it will be there for you
when you need it.
You brought it with you
when you appeared.

Once you mortgage your life
to something, don't complain
that you have no time.

If you would like
your life to change,
first you have to know
what you would
like it to change to.

Before change,
your work is
in the imagination.
After change,
you deal with facts.

I used to think I knew everything that was going on in my life and where I was going, until I took Sanyas. From then on, I knew nothing. That was 20 years ago. Today I know even less.

If you see me through a quiet, disciplined mind you will have instant recognition of me as I AM. If you see me through an undisciplined mind that is fraught with waves, then you will see me as you want to see me. How I appear to you is none of my business.

Look at your reflection
in a pool of water.
Then throw a stone
in the water and tell me
what the difference is.

I appear and the world appears.
I disappear and the world disappears.
That is the nature of appearances.

I don't need a car.
The body needs a car.

I had a hard time with that one.
That was difficult for me,
years ago, seeing myself
in others & others in myself.


Needing anything
to make you happy
is a failure.
Relying on anything
time bound
for your happiness
is doomed to failure.