Friday, November 12, 2010



The more grateful you are
the easier it is
to manifest your desires.
If you're not grateful
for what you already have,
then to expect more is foolish.

A grateful man
is full
of greatness.

There is no
equality in the world.
If you want that
you've got to
drop out of it.

If you are interested
in the Supreme 'I'
then use it.

I can't talk about
what I don't know,
otherwise, you will say
that I am full of shit.
Who knows, I may be.

You clean the house up first
before you put new furniture in it.

When you keep what works & continually get rid of what doesn't, where is the need to rebuild. Rebuilding is to keep builders employed.

Do you have
the power
to say "I AM"?
He has been
he says "you are".

The surface of life
is an indicator
as to what is happening
in the depths.

An Empire kills people, in other countries, in order to survive
as an Empire. Anyone who gets in the way has to go. What happens when there's no one else to go?

I warned a dear friend what was coming & he said, "I can't see that as we always bounce back." Only an inflated ball will bounce. Have you ever kicked a football with no air in it? The bigger the ball the more inflation. The bigger the false ego the more it takes to keep it inflated. Massive inflation is manifesting now.

That bloke is
'full of hot air!"

When the last breath
goes out of your body
aren't you going to follow it
so you can continue living?

Without morals,
a Society rots
from the core out.

Don't think about it too long
or you might end up dead.

One thought &
it's not

A Seer sees things
as they truly are,
uninterfered with
by thought.

With the mind in abeyance
there are no differences.

When you can see
God in your worst enemy
that is called 'equal vision'.
You can not have it until you can.
It is self-given.