Sunday, November 28, 2010


Quite interesting,
life at times.

Only those who have
gone beyond illusion
of control can laugh.

One has to keep going
when there's no way back.


There is no such power
as personal freedom.
While ever one man
is in chains, we all
are in chains.

True Freedom
is freedom
from the personal,
small bubble of a
dream that people
imagine themselves
to live in.

While ever one man suffers
we all suffer.
While ever one man
is being tortured,
we are all being tortured.

The idea of
personal & separateness

There is no such thing as a personal experience. It has been experienced before you and it will be experienced after you. There is nothing that one man can experience that another man cannot. Very seldom will an inexperienced man learn from an experienced man. His limited ego will demand that he wants to make his own mistakes. All those that believe that way are ignorant fools. Even mistakes are not yours, otherwise they would not be repeated over and over again by, for example, world leaders.

I AM the Universal Being. There is nothing personal about me at all. I do not claim anything to be mine. The idea of mine is another false idea foisted on the heads of people for the benefit of someone else.

Do not expect
a false question
to give you
a correct answer.
Only correct questions
can give correct answers.

You may claim this land to be yours. Your claim is invalid. You are merely in possession of stolen goods. Even the original people of this land did not claim it to be theirs/mine. Ask them and they will tell you, "We are the caretakers." Ask them, "Who owns the land?" and they will tell you that the land owns us. What grows on it belongs to God. Humanity as a whole, collectively, is the caretaker of all lands. Individually, you have no separate land rights. You tell me, of what use is barren land to anyone? Even in our, so-called, modern societies, a barren woman is of no use to a man who wants to go forth and multiply. Would you rape your mother and plunder her house? why would you do it to this life-giving land. Contemplate the situations you are dependent upon, food, water, shelter, sunshine, wind and then come and talk to me about personal power.

So many wars and crimes against humanity have been committed and as yet very few have been held accountable for these acts and atrocities. And you wonder why Joy is not bubbling up from the center of your heart?

Only an ignorant fool will believe another ignorant fool when he tells him you came here to experience enjoyment, when the truth is you came here to do the work. THE GREAT WORK!

Many years ago, in the Outback of Australia, I heard a white fella' and a black fella' having a heated discussion in Giltraps Hotel. The white fella' said to the black fella', "If that's how you feel about the land, then fuck you, you can have it back!" The black fella' said, "We don't want it back, thank you very much, you fucked it, you fix it!"