Friday, March 11, 2011


Experience is not personal.
It is impersonal.
There is no such thing as
'my experience' and if
experience was where it
was at, surely you'd have
had enough by now.

Only people who have spent
a long time, totally alone,
know how to entertain themselves.

A mans' weakness, sickness & disease
are the result of loss of sperm.
If it can create a child then surely
it can keep you healthy,
given an opportunity.

Interest & resistance
can not live
under the same roof.

You cannot live a weak life and end up strong, likewise, you can't live a life of strength and integrity and end up a weak piece of shit. In my company you will know how you've lived your life.

The reward for living
a life of integrity is
a life of integrity.

I am not against telling you
what to do with your 'carrot & stick.'

Once you know
the same disease
is everywhere,
what's the point
in going anywhere?