Sunday, March 20, 2011



Modern life leaves
very little time to question.
Therefore, I will ask
the question for you.

You can’t create
what you already are,
but you can destroy
who you think you are.
Do it now and be free!
That took but a moment!

If it's not NOW,
it's no good to me.

Only those that are free
can celebrate independence.
If you are a slave
to a credit card,
forget about it.

Ask and you shall receive.
The answer resides
in the question.
The questioner resides
in the question.
The questioner seeks
the answer.
The answer destroys
the questioner.

Your women
are your
greatest treasure.
Better look
after them.

There can be
no integrity
without patience.

It only takes one spark
to make a fire.

It's not possible
to celebrate independence
when you've lost
so many freedoms.

How can you celebrate
what you don't value?

There is no difference
between freedom & life.

is free
to manifest
as it sees fit.

Once you manipulate life
then you become 100%
responsible for your actions
& the actions of your society.

There are
no innocents.

To understand the world
you have to step out of it~

I have been prepared
my whole life
for WHAT,
I do not know,
other than death.

No problems,
no obstacles,
no debts ~ &
Always good news.
Makes a good life,
doesn't it?