Sunday, March 6, 2011


is what happens
when thought stops
interfering with action.

It's not going to be a happy ending,
that man has sunk so low that
he's torturing his own kind.

Getting people into debt is
the ultimate form of control.

If you can feel more determined
at the end of the day than you
were at the beginning;
success is close at hand.

Whatever I see,
It's my job to
take care of it
in whatever way my
intelligence demands.

"Everyone has an effect."
"Yeah, but what kind?"

Isn't it insanity to
think something twice?
At the first sign - seek help!

Original thought
comes from there.

When the
momentum stops,
you drop...

"If you're talking to me
you either want something
or you've lost everything."

A valuable lesson:
Do not talk about something that is not your direct experience or you will get caught. You may say, "I have heard it said.."

The blackboard
doesn't remember
what you wiped off it.

Torture & slavery
has been
the downfall
of every Empire.
What makes you think
that America will
be any different?

A good man knows
when enough's enough.

your heart.


Necessities always get supported.
Wants & don't-wants don't.

The only way to survive is
through stability of mind.

Situations are not permanent.
How can life be permanent?
The world is made up of situations;
no situations - no world.

All Karma means is;
an incorrect response
to the situation.
Correct responses
do not create Karma.
Karma simply means;
doing nothing in the
absence of something.
Karma simply means
wrong actions.

Your world is as you believe it to be.
Withdraw your belief and it ceases to exist.

The man with a silent mind
has no 'personal world'.

A 'person'
is glued
by concepts.

Don't take it personal
and it will cease to exist.

The childs' first breath is out.
The Sadhus' last breath is in.

Everyones' world
hangs on one breath.

You may like to live
to the ripe old age of 100,
but is it necessary?

Politics are there
to confuse the people,
not to help them.

How can you move it if you can't feel it?
If you are moved to do something,
then you must have felt it.

have I met a
I didn't like.

This blog is for people
who are having a hard time
growing up.

that I
have ever met
has given me

You can't
go to Heaven
without dying.

There is only conflict
on the surface of life.

In my world
there are no
and no conflicts.