Thursday, March 24, 2011


Whatever disturbs the Peace has to go,
no matter what it is.
It's not a philosophy,
it's a way of life.

There is no such thing
as choices for a
man of integrity.

Whatever you are not aware of is
choosing for you all the time.
So where do you fit into the picture?

If you're looking
for a World Savior,
look to yourself.

When you wake up,
nothing is as important.

expresses itself
in its' own
unique way.

There is no such thing as
uniqueness in ignorance.
Everyone is the same.

I ascribe to these words
and the Truth supports me.

The sound
that the
Sun makes.

You may call me 'Mr.OM'
until you get to know me better!


Enlightened beings do not argue the point.
They don't have one to argue with.
That is the domain of ignorance.

Life, what a subject!
One has to live it
to find out about it.

Even the loftiest ideals
fail to manifest sometime.