Friday, March 6, 2009


Every action you perform,
in this life,
creates the next world
that you will live in.

There is no world,
of any shape & form,
without you.

and the world,
are inseparable.

The only thing
that makes the
world appear real
is you.

When you truly
want to help
the world,
it's very simple;
take yourself
out of the picture.

You love your children
because they are your
creation. You created
them out of your
pluses & minuses.

Young children
are like Mynah birds.
Mynah birds mimic sounds.
Children mimic actions.

An angry child
is expressing
that you refuse
to deal with.

When you appear in the world, you bring with you whatever you need to survive, for the length of time you are going to be here.

Those who live
wasteful lives
don't survive long.

Electricity produces light.
How much of
your light have
you wasted?

The 'holy business'
is full of people
who haven't done
their work.
Physician Heal Thyself.


No one can imagine the electricity going out and never coming back on. I don't have to imagine - I lived the first 5 years of my life without any electricity. I am not addicted to it and I never waste it.

Waste not
Want not,
is a law
of Nature.
It is not something that you glibly toss into a conversation. It's law reigns Supreme.

is time-bound.
Whatever it contains
is in limited supply.

You can only imagine
what you've seen or know.
What you are unaware of
is unimaginable.

I AM the Unknown. I live the unimaginable. Never, ever could I have imagined having the Universal Peace symbol tattooed on my head. Had you told me that as a teenager, I would have had many sleepless nights.