Wednesday, March 4, 2009


No one knows what
they will stand for
till they find out
what they refuse to stand for.
What’s left – that’s it.

Better to have five minutes
of quality
than fifty years of quantity.

Life inhabits.
Consciousness owns
shapes and forms.
You own zero.
The meek shall
inherit the earth.

The closer a man
lives to zero
the shorter distance
he has to go home.
You impart value to zero.

Absolute and complete Trust
is the power of manifestation.

I was perfect the first day on this planet.
I will be perfect when I leave,
free of contamination.

Truth is a natural state.
Ignorance is learned.

To appreciate it
you have to be aware of it.

There are worlds of differences between the idea of freedom and true freedom.
True freedom does not need telling all the time that it’s free.

In tune
with the

The nature of greed is that
it never knows when it’s had enough.

Anything that is limited
is doomed before it starts.