Monday, March 16, 2009


transmutation occurs
it always affects the

The world is like it is
because people are like
they are.
The world and people are
without you there is no
such thing as a world.
The world is a figment of
your imagination.
Ask a blind man if we live
in the same world.
The seeer and the seen
appear and disappear

There are 20 smokers in every
packet of cigarettes.

In deep sleep there is no such thing as a world and aren't you alright? Isn't there a great sense of well-being? Change the small, puny bubble that you live in, which you call the world and your projected consciousness will change along with it. Better still, dig deep, find some courage and burst that tiny bubble! You will then be free of it and all its sick hallucinations.

The reason why they say, "Only the good die young" is that the bad have to live a long life to pay for the things they've done. The good have done no wrong so what is the point of living a long life?