Sunday, March 8, 2009


My life is reduced
to simplicity
and necessity,
which manifests

comes out of
doing the

Necessities do not create problems;
only the unnecessary can do that.

To find out whether
something is necessary
or unnecessary,
look at it through the
eyes of dispassion.

When you look
through the eyes
of passion,
it will know
and grab you...
guaranteed problems.

Find out what it is
that creates problems
and discipline it.

To live at Zero Point
you have to become
Zero Point.
That will cost you
your soul.

Any fool can talk
about Zero Point.
Find me one who
is willing to
pay the price.

You don't need workshops to do the work. Those who are willing to do the work do it. The ones who refuse, go to workshops.

A good, functional mind
reposes in the Silence.

How loud does the alarm bell
have to sound?
How many alarms sound on deaf ears?