Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Right understanding
is the

Everybody is enlightened.
They just don't know it.
That's why the Guru is needed.
That is fact!

What I say, I see.
What you hear
is what you want.

manifests from
a lack in yourself.

Tell me one thing you truly own? You will identify with whatever you grab hold of, to save your skin.

I do not take on disciples. I see them as hemorrhoids. They function the same way..they're a pain in the ass!

I have met many people who say that they would like to be fully enlightened. I asked each one of them, "What pleases the most in your life?" I then said, "Come and see me tomorrow and I guarantee your enlightenment. Not one of them returned. Whatever pleases you the most; once you can give it up and go beyond it, you too will attain enlightenment.

Full enlightenment;
your natural state.

What enlightenment means to a common man is 'a cop-out.' "If only I could attain enlightenment.", he said."I could do what I want and be free of all my problems."

A cart
in front of a horse
does not go very far.

Anyone who does not have the capacity to grow their own food has no connection with the Earth, whatsoever. Walking in beautiful scenery, on a sunny day, will not do it. In order to maintain ones' feet on the ground you have to look into the Earth.

to create problems
and you will see.

'I was born'
is an idea
no better
or worse
than any

Investing belief
in ideas
the prison.

I AM the revolution!
I destroyed my own world.
I AM free of it!

Whoever told you
you have a right to breed?
Ignorance breeds ignorance.
That is fact!

What happens in Governments
is a reflection
of the fear level
in Society.

What anchors my integrity is my love of the work. I don't do it for recognition, (that would be a disaster.) You can't recognize yourself, so there's not much hope for me.

Whoever it is who blessed America is, obviously, not happy because he took the blessing back.

Blessed are the meek
for they shall inherit
the Earth.

Once the man is dead, he doesn't come back.
Once the land is dead, she doesn't come back.

Like recognizes like.

You have the power to manifest yourself, therefore, you must have the power to take care of yourself. Where is the need for fear?