Sunday, March 1, 2009


People are depressed
because Society has
become so squashed.

Don't tell me what's good or not good for me. That is my duty to make those decisions. Once you let someone take your duties away from you, you become impotent. When you don't perform your duties; you have no rights.

Commitment shapes life.
Deep commitment
manifests a potent life.

One more mouthful is
the seed of greed.

Before you turn up your nose at food or waste it,
try living without it for a while.

One only has to worry
when they are performing
incorrect actions.

Worry creates anxiety.
Anxiety creates stress.
Stress creates sickness.

direct communication.

Don’t ever put anything
between yourself and God.
You do not need an intermediary.
Does the son, the Prince,
need the Prime Minister to get an
appointment with his father, the King?

Enlightenment –
when the shadow passes
it lets in the light.

I am not addicted to helping,
to make myself feel good.
I help those who help themselves.

Q: What is a failure?
One who tries and fails.

Q: What is a loser?
One who refuses to try.

Truth always leads
one to the silence.
If it doesn’t,
then it is ignorance,
disguised in the cloak of deception.

creates a
false sense of security.

If you didn’t have pain
how would you know you had a body?

One who is in debt
has no quality of life.

If you can imagine it,
that’s not it.

All expectation
ever led to was

Anyone can say it,
not everyone can feel it.

In order to truly live, you have to stand behind your actions. I stand behind the truth, that is all you will ever get from me.

People who don’t waste time
are the Masters of time.

Guilt comes out of the past.
It never comes out of the future.

Don’t wait for time,
there isn’t enough left.

Grace is showered upon one
in direct proportion to
their listening ability.

I am giving you clues.
Use your mind to investigate the ultimate mystery
your very own beautiful self.

If you can’t see it
Wash your eyes out.
Ignorance is like
a speck of dirt
in the eye.

Were everyone fed at the same time,
and not a living soul missed,
there would be no more hunger on this planet.

Before there was One
there was Zero.

Don’t forget to read between the lines;
the words are merely pointers.