Saturday, August 21, 2010


All my talking
is about ending
pain & suffering.

The world means delusion.
The World is not 'out there',
The World is in the mind.

A person
is a limited way
of seeing oneself.

If you untie your children from your apron strings before they are fully trained, don't be surprised when they get into trouble.

When the child is in pain,
so is the Mother.
When the Mother is in pain,
so is the child.
Everyone know when Mother is in pain.
It is a Universal feeling.

When children cause problems in Society,
why punish the child? Look to the mother.
When a dog causes problems, look to the master.

Sins are committed
out of ignorance.
Destroy ignorance
& sin does not exist.

The next time you fill up your car at the gas-station, ask yourself this question; How many more mothers and children have to die in order that I may drive my car? How far will a car drive with a petrol tank full of blood?

Living in an oil-rich country may appear to be a blessing, at first sight. Look closer and you will find that it's a curse. At the end of the day the ones who consume the most will suffer the most. True humans do not consume. Parasites consume. Parasites consume what they don't need. It is in their nature. Allowing yourself to be labeled a 'consumer' is an insult. Societies suffers from the disease called 'consumption'.

When is enough, enough?
Greed does not recognize the word 'enough'.
At any given moment, you are free to say 'NO! Enough is enough!'
Ask a 2-year old child about the power of 'NO!'

In the Aboriginal society, whatever you take from the Earth puts you in debt to Her. To balance the books, the Earth demands blood.

To eradicate drug pushers from Society, law-enforcement will go after 'the pushers'. When a president of a country tells you that you are addicted to oil, tell him to go after the 'pushers' and that you will deal with the suffering of addiction. It's called 'withdrawal!'

Warfare is a sure sign
of a societies impotence.

Once a society stands by and allows it's military to bomb domestic sites, such as water supplies, electricity supplies and food supplies, then know that we all live on a battlefield.

Do unto others
as you would
have them do unto us.
It is the law of Nature.
Break that law and
suffer the consequences.

As a child at the dinner table, I once told my Father, "I don't like this." His reply was, "The trouble with you boy, is that you are too well-fed." He took the food off my plate and ate it. He then said, "In the first World War I was a soldier in the trenches for 3 years. I have seen men trying to eat their own shit and drink their own piss in order to stay alive! And you, turn your nose up at good food? You don't deserve it!"

Truth is spoken
over the breath.
Lies are muttered
under the breath.

Neurotic eating habits
and a troubled mind
go hand-in-hand.

Do not claim to be human and demonize another man to the point where you can kill him with a clear conscience and then claim, "It's alright, he's not human!"

When a designer handbag costs more money than a third-world family makes in 5 years then, surely, we are doomed.

In my world, one mans gain is every mans' gain.
On Earth, one mans' gain is another mans' loss.

Show a dog love once
and it will never forget.
So it is with the Guru.

A dog cannot have 2 masters.
It only causes confusion.
Confusion does not a happy dog make.

Once one deals with blame
where is the need for praise?

When you put out 'shock and awe',
don't be surprised when it comes back to you.

Birth does not give you
the right to claim
that you are human.
'By their actions shall ye know them.'

Getting rid of guns does not eradicate killing.
A boy once killed a man with a slingshot and a pebble!

Any fool can kill.
Not any fool can Love.

The reason we are afraid and paranoid
of another country dropping a
Nuclear bomb on us
is because we've already done it!

Mans' own actions
create fear & paranoia.

Once you're out of tune,
your song will be out of tune.
It will not sound pleasant to the ear.

Love & Peace are non-negotiable.
They are states of being.

True Peace will manifest by its' own power,
when man has had enough of war and killing.
When is enough, enough?

A man who doesn't know
that he's had enough to eat,
doesn't know when
he's had enough of anything!


Love & the heart

Do not look to me for answers.
The answers are in yourself.


Anyone who has lived
a tortuous life is
well & truly equipped
to handle anything.

You may believe that
you have been chasing
pleasure most of your life.
The actuality is,
you have been running
away from pain.

When I lived in the Bush,
my work was learning
how to survive.

doesn't like
letting go.
It never
gives up