Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Once you've done your best
& still haven't changed it;
you are in the New World.

Belief systems
are in the

Slavery is
the point
of no

First it was a black fella'
who was a slave,
now it's the white fella'
who's the slave.

Everyone has
their day
in the sun,
white or black.

All Empires are
founded on violence &
they end the same way.

Why does one have to
go to jail
for stealing paper
when it's not backed by Gold?

Feel compassion for the rich man;
his delusions are millions more than yours.

People with
too much excess
are losers.

There are no real men anymore
due to the fact that
there's no real work.

When you don't look
at the disease
you'll have to
defend the symptoms.
The symptoms point
to the future.
Ignore them at your peril.

The greatest power, on this Earth, is the Truth. Look how many people are afraid of it. Look it in the eyes and see it for yourself. Fear of the Truth implies love of ignorance.

Feel compassion
for the ignorant;
they know no better.

A common enemy
will unite mankind.

Once man realizes he has become
the food supply of greed,
he will open his heart
to his fellow beings.

How can a man call his fellow man 'sheeple' when he has never been in the company of a sheep? Those kinds of people are not people, they are plants, & you can take that anyway you like.

I rose to the challenge and succeeded. The 17 Italians tried to take it away from me & that's another story I'll tell you one day.

can not be expected.

It's called 'dead weight'
when lightness has left the body.

"Why do they say 'Amen' and not Awomen?"
"Because we sing 'hims' not 'hers'?

A New World Order
cannot manifest
before a Nuclear war.
Nuclear wars create
New World Orders.

...and for the control freaks,
a good dose of witness consciousness.