Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have no time for debating.
I am not interested in debates.

You can't perfect something that's already perfect.
You can't improve something that's provable.
In order to improve perfection
it would have to be imperfect &
seeing as perfection includes imperfection, why waste the time,
Now the mind, that's another matter
which to the silent mind, doesn't matter.

A difficult life
forces one to
find humor
in situations.

I gave it my best shot;
that's without sacrificing
my integrity, of course.

How much war & violence is there in the world? The world meaning 'collective consciousness'. How much laughter is it going to take to balance that? Not enough. It's too late!

If time didn't exist
you wouldn't have
a good time or
a bad time.

Outside of time
everything is

The 'big bang' happened
when you were born.
You spend the rest of your life
dealing with the fallout.