Monday, August 2, 2010


Do you believe
what you are or
what you're told?

What will people do
when they realize
they've lost the
connection to

There is no power greater than love.
Nothing can live without love.
Everything comes out of love
& goes back into love.

To rule the world
one has to
respect the Earth.

Were the Jews to know that the Palestinians were their last hope they might be a bit kinder to them. Israel has a right to exist but not at the expense of others.

When all else fails
we've always got
the bomb - The big one!

I AM your worst nightmare
to which there is no escape.
When your nightmare
meets my nightmare
you will be free of it.

I AM not here
to win friends &
influence people.
Politicians do that.

the last
prophet of doom.
No one seemed to
believe the others,
hence, I'm your last stop.

There's not
much imagination
in deathbeds.