Monday, August 30, 2010


If you want to know
about God, focus on
the Word.

Just the fact that there is a temporary world
means the mind is not perfect.
Lucky for all that
perfection includes imperfection.

Alcohol, drugs & bad breeding,
a good combination do not make.

Lack of self-worth
will get you in debt.
If you put it on the card
then you are not worth it.

"Go on,
turn the stones
into bread!"

There are very hard lessons to learn in life,
such as attachment and desires.
'The desire to live is the messenger of death'.

is to
shape &

Everyday I look,
more dominoes
are falling.

The suffering
in life
makes one look.

what the mind
believes in &
believe in.

You may not
be interested
in me now
but you will be
on your deathbed!