Thursday, August 5, 2010


Contemplating time
could take
the rest
of Eternity.

Were everyone to know
that they are totally alone.

Beyond peoples comprehension
that the world & everything in it
is their own creation.
So if you have any complaints
you know who to talk to!

There is
no expiry date
on the Truth.

New world
New work

What is coming is coming.
No one can stop it.
It doesn't have a name.
Nameless, formless
& to boot it doesn't
need the I AM.

The unchangeable
doesn't change
but you can
feel it move.

Where is the need of thanks
when you show your appreciation?

Once one stops creating personal dramas
they get to see what's really going on.

who live in
opulent societies
tend to be
very shallow

The good thing
about pain & suffering
is that it drives you deeper.

Quote of the day
from Bhagwan Yorky!