Monday, September 27, 2010


How can people believe in themselves
when they allow others to represent them
without following through themselves.

If you want to know
where Aliens come from,
check your gray matter.

The Truth will eat you alive.
You will then become invincible.

What more could you want
other than a silent mind?

A man,
in debt,
has no values.

When the financial institutions on this Planet collapse like dominoes, we will live in a New World with a new set of values.

When the electricity goes out & doesn't go back on, you will know how the hospitalized man on life-support feels when the money runs out.

It is said
that time = money.
Does that mean
when the
economy collapses,
Time will stop?

Once you've gone beyond it,
what use is it to you?

How do you prepare
for a disaster
that's never
happened before?

Don't tell me the world
is coming to an end;
I saw Mad Max!
That's business-as-usual.

You've got to
be extreme to
reach the Supreme.

You are not the doer,
therefore, you are
not responsible
for the results,
good or bad.