Sunday, September 12, 2010


Anyone can have their cake & eat it,
till the last piece is gone.
At that point,
decisions are made
on your behalf.

Some people talk about mass-awakening but that's all they can do, talk about it & imagine it. That's not how mass-enlightenment comes about, It's in the hands of the unimaginable.

Imagination comes about by talking about what you do not have a direct experience of. Truth lies in direct experience. The world would be a more peaceful place were people to only speak about their own direct experience.

You are the star,
not the image
on the screen.
Without you,
the movies
don't exist.

The Universe is Gods'
Intelligence in action.

Mans' destiny
is in his own hands.

Find the man
who is living the Truth
& not talking about it.

The Truth
is in everyone.
Contact it!

There's nothing
behind everyone.

It's the nothingness
that stops you
walking off the cliff.

To want Peace, you have to be sick of war.
War can only create a longing for Peace.
The more war, the more peace is valued.

Test my words.
They are the words of Truth.
Turn the television off &
you'll know who I AM.

No label &
you can't
talk about it.

I AM the first one to be rejected from the party. When the party's over, I AM the first one you'll come looking for.

If it doesn't
help the situation
then why do it?

You cannot have Free Speech
& political correctness.

The Bush
isn't PC.