Friday, September 17, 2010


The reason people
cry at funerals
is they know
they're next.

The Guru has one medicine.
When you're sick, He will
give you a good dose of it;

Reality gets rid
of your ideas of it.

It's interesting how,
over the years,
one knows less & less
- which is a good thing.

A man with no attachments can't die.
When a man with great attachments
is separated from them;
it's called death.

When you lose something in life you feel it.
When you lose everything in 'one-fell-swoop'
the gut wrenching pain will kill you.

The less you have
the less you have
to lose = less suffering.

What you take for granted
becomes known when
it's taken away.
Whatever you take for granted
drains your fortunes.

"A fool & his money are soon parted.", said George.
"Hey dad, can I have some money?"
"I'm as free of money as a frog is of feathers,"
"Hey dad, frogs don't have feathers."
"Right lad!"

One has a relationship
with the Mantra &
it gives birth
to what it contains.

I let my insanity flow
with no impedance.

A lot of peoples' 'supposes'
turn into 'disappointments'.

There is no karma
in acts of kindness.