Monday, September 6, 2010


If you have a lot to protect, you will feel danger in my company. The only thing you are capable of protecting is ignorance. Truth is the Great Protector of all.

Once you realize everywhere is the same,
the delusion of coming & going dissolves.

'What am I not aware of
that I need to be aware of,
to improve the quality of
my life, Now?' is not a question
for the feint of heart.
If you don't
want to know
don't ask.

You know,
just as well
as I know,
I AM speaking
the Truth.

In my fathers' eyes,
I was the 'village idiot';
yet the Truth resides in me.
"Why is he the village idiot?"
"Because he cares about people.
He's also the village idiot
because he sees God in everyone."
I mean, it's not
the done thing is it?
Not these days.

In a dog-eat-dog society
you are no more
than a food supply.

It is in the nature
of hunger to eat.

A disciplined & focused mind;
that's where the power lies.
It's yours for the taking,
no one can give it to you.

In 'pass the parcel', the one who gets stuck with the prize has to take the last wrapper off. The last wrapper will reveal a mirror. You, yourself are the prize. As a child, I was part of a game called 'pass the child.' It goes like this;
"You take him."
"You wanted him, you bloody keep him!"
"Well, he's yours too, you know."
~ and on it goes until the music stops.

The electricity's not going to go out,
your light is going to go out
due to lack of power.

Praise the Lord &
roll me a fag!

Only a fool would imagine
there is such a thing as
life without the Power of God.

The dead
know nothing
of God.

When the electricity does go out, it will depend on the power in your hands as to whether you will survive or not. People were alright before electricity. People have lived for thousands of years with electricity. Can you?

It doesn't matter
how far from home
the prodigal son goes,
he has to come home one day.

Don't imagine
that the most important things
can't become irrelevant.

The most important thing last season was a handbag. The most important thing this season is food.

What is going on when
a man has 3 meals a day
& then has the gall to say,
"I'm hungry!"?

Just because the Guru is All-Knowing
doesn't mean he's going to tell you.